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For the Father is Seeking Such People to Worship Him (Part 2)

For the Father is Seeking Such People to Worship Him (Part 2)

Mordecai Stands Still as Worshiper of God

Some people say, “Pastor, some people in my ministry are much too apathetic and indifferent. It almost seems like they feel that did me a favor by attending the service. I cannot do everything by myself”.  You do not need to do everything by yourself!  God lives in you! If you made a decision to stand your ground at any cost and do not yield to the enemy, no matter what happens, this would be enough for God to sanctify that through you. It may not happen immediately and there still might be conflicts or arguments. There might be even a crisis when everyone feels like losing. However, if you are able to stand, fast or sit, or maybe you are unable to do so because you had been pushed down, you can still crawl to the LordThe Lord will see you and your attempts for those whom you are representing. Even the enemy would understand that he is powerless because you are standing for your home group or other realm of your life. You do not abandon or avoid them, but rather you can be willing to stand before God on their behalf.

Mordecai stood fast as a worshiper of God which is how we end up Purim. Of course, he made it with the help of the Spirit of the Lord. But look at what happened! There was a conflict. It was too small for the enemy just to kill one worshiper of God. Instead, he decided to destroy the whole nation. It was the right understanding. Because the enemy understood that even if it was Mordecai only, God could still raise, awaken, save, and heal the hearts of all nations through him.  This is real. By understanding this reality, we could be bold and uncompromising worshipers of God. It is important for each of God’s child to become a worshiper of the living God in Spirit and truth; spreading this anointing to anyone who longs for it.

We have to learn the faith of the Lord in worship and praise from God’s Spirit. We still need to learn how to trust God on the issue of worship. Some people think that roofs or ceilings are the obstacles between them and God while worshipping. We should believe that when we truly worship God, no obstacles can stop the flowing of God’s glory that comes out from the hearts of God’s people to the throne of grace. No one and nothing cannot stop that! We need to grow our faith which connects every moment of worship with the One Whom we worship. Because our worship is not only for the sake of leading others into worship. Yes, this is one of the goals, but the main goal is to break through to heaven while being on earth where we are singing, dancing, shouting, waving our hands and jump right to the foot of the throne of God. It is as if we are here on earth and at the same time, there in heaven. When we understand by faith that this is a reality, that reality that lifts us up in our spirit above everything directly into the presence of the King. When we can understand that, our worship will flourish and be filled with the glory of God. Thoughts of fear, shame or memories of the past cannot take us from the angelic choir worshiping the Father together with us.

Furthermore, we need to learn some Biblical specifics of worship. Mordechai understood the kind of Biblical worship when you bring yourself as a living sacrifice to God. Every sincere sacrifice is a part of worshiping God, but the climax is when you bring your whole self.

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